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Welcome to Skanska's Sustainability Case Study search engine. These project case studies demonstrate the contribution that Skanska makes to a more sustainable "built environment". They are evidence that we are trying to "walk the talk" where it matters, at project level. Our success or failure lies in the hands of our customers, supply chain, subcontractors and employees. With around 12,000 projects delivered by Skanska each year, the ongoing implementation challenge is very real and highly demanding. Use the search function or quick links to find case studies in your area of interest. For more information on Skanska and Sustainability, go to


Aspects of Sustainability


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  Green Aspects       Commercial Property >>       Brazil >>  
  Carbon >>       Healthcare >>       Canada >>  
  Energy >>       Highways >>       Chile >>  
  Local Impacts >>       Homes >>       Czech Republic >>  
  Materials >>       Hotels >>       Denmark >>  
  Water >>       Prisons >>       Finland >>  
  Social Aspects       Rail >>       Hungary >>  
  Business Ethics >>       Renovation >>       Norway >>  
  Corporate Community Involvement >>       Schools >>       Peru >>  
  Health & Safety >>       Utilities >>       Poland >>  
  Human Resources >>       Water >>       Romania >>  
                  Sweden >>  
                  UK >>  
                  USA >>  

Contact: Jennifer Clark, SVP Sustainability & Green Support.

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