Lintulahti, Finland

The Lintulahti office building in Helsinki was the first project in Finland to receive a Gold LEED preliminary certification and is registered with the European Union’s GreenBuilding Programme. doxycycline monohydrate for urinary tract infection

Nordica Ostrava, Czech Republic

The Nordica Ostrava office building has been constructed in Ostrava, eastern Czech Republic, and was the first building in the country to be certified according to the energy efficiency demands of the European Union’s GreenBuilding Programme.

Nardo School, Norway

The Nardo School in Trondheim, Norway, has been built from solid wood, and is an energy efficient building that uses geothermal energy.

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Oresund Bridge, Sweden and Denmark

The Øresund Bridge consists of a bridge, an artificial island and an underwater tunnel, which connect Sweden and Denmark across the Øresund strait. The bridge includes the longest immersed concrete tunnel and double-deck road and rail bridge in the world and was designed to have minimal impact on the sensitive marine environment.

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Pilestredet Park, Norway

Based on principles of urban ecology, Pilestredet Park is a mixed-use urban redevelopment project in central Oslo, Norway. Innovative techniques for the reuse of demolition materials were developed and strict sustainability objectives were met.

Kings Mill Hospital, UK

Kings Mill Hospital in Nottinghamshire, UK, is undergoing major redevelopment, which will improve clinical efficiency, the indoor environment and will utilise Hydrothermal (lake source) energy as part of a PFI (Private Finance Initiative).

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UN House, Norway

The UN House in Arendal, Norway, has been rebuilt into an energy efficient, carbon neutral building with a double box facade, and sources renewable energy from a solar water heating system and geothermal energy from the sea.

Badedammen, Norway

Badedammen Vest is an energy efficient residential development in Stavanger, Norway, which sources renewable heating and cooling from a seawater heat pump system. nolvadex-d steroids

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Skanska is designing and constructing a number of residential projects in southern Sweden that meet passive house standards and consume significantly less energy for heating than conventional buildings. The projects include newly constructed apartments and the refurbishment of existing properties with passive house techniques that provide good insight into the economic viability of passive housing.

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Ponte de Pedra, Brazil

The Ponte de Pedra hydropower plant, in western Brazil, has worked to maximise and sustain local benefit by involving communities, fostering partnerships and building local capacity through extensive activities that have often surpassed government social and environmental requirements.

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Contact: Per Olsson, Senior Vice President Green & CCI.

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