Finland Case Studies

Skanska's business in the Finland provides a range of construction services for private and public sector clients. We also build high specification Green projects.

Puuvilla Shopping Center, Finland

Puuvilla is a large shopping center and commercial development in Pori, southwestern Finland, which uses around half the energy and water of a typical newly built Finnish retail building. The development is designed to LEED Gold and won a prestigious global BIM award for its innovative use of modeling during design and construction. romanian online pharmacy

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The Sepänkylä Bypass project in western Finland was redesigned and built by Skanska to minimize local environmental impacts, reduce the project's embodied carbon footprint and promote waste management, which helped to achieve over US$ 8.2 million savings for the client.

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Härmälänranta is a former industrial neighborhood in Tampere, Finland, which is in the process of being redeveloped by Skanska into a new urban district based on Skanska's Living Area Design methodology.

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skanska carbon footprinting in 2011, green building case study

Skanska conducted 35 carbon footprints in 2011 to benchmark project carbon emissions and to help identify low-carbon project options, which can result in project carbon and financial savings. stopping zoloft after 6 weeks

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Adjutantti, Finland-1, green building case study

Adjutantti is an energy efficient residential development in Espoo that is equipped with a photovoltaic (PV) system and an innovative energy monitoring, control optimization system, which was the first of its kind in Scandinavia.

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Skanska House, Finland-1, green building case study

Skanska House is Skanska Finland’s head office in Helsinki that was designed to achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental design) Core & Shell Platinum certification, as well as EU GreenBuilding certification.

Skanska uses carbon footprinting tools to benchmark the carbon emissions of building projects and to help identify low-carbon project options. zoloft dosage ocd

Karjaa Pohja Wastewater Treatment Plant, Finland-1

Karjaa Pohja is a modern and efficient wastewater treatment plant in southern Finland that has improved the quality of wastewater effluent and helped safeguard sensitive aquatic ecosystems in the Pohja municipality. propranolol 40 mg tablets

Lintulahti, Finland

The Lintulahti office building in Helsinki was the first project in Finland to receive a Gold LEED preliminary certification and is registered with the European Union’s GreenBuilding Programme.

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Eko-Viikki, Finland

Eko-Viikki is an ecological suburb in Helsinki, Finland, which has pioneered sustainable construction techniques to minimise the overall impact of residential buildings throughout their lifespan and to promote more sustainable living.

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