DGS Central Utility Plant, USA

DGS Central Utility Plant, USA1 accutane blood test nhs

Social Aspects

Promoting good community relations

A public information program was implemented during the design and construction of the plant. The program included a project website, which was managed by the DGS to communicate project progress and provide neighborhood updates. Skanska mailed monthly project status reports to neighbors in a four-block radius of the project. Considerate contractor signage was also located around the site with contact telephone numbers for the public to discuss any questions or concerns. 

Project team communication

Skanska established a construction management portal, which enabled the entire project team to communicate quickly and consistently. The portal included a secure online project plan database, which contained plans and designs that could be viewed and edited by authorized users. The portal also contained a project calendar and an online environmental management control system.

DGS Central Utility Plant, USA-3Occupational health and safety cipro drug monograph

The Lost Time Accident Rate was zero as of January 2010. A safety leadership team was established during preconstruction to oversee the project safety program, monitor monthly performance and identify safety risks.

Skanska’s Injury Free Environment (IFE) program, which includes “stretch and flex” warm-up exercises for workers, was implemented on site. The project also worked with an Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP), which emphasized accident prevention and safety.

High quality indoor environment

The office space is equipped with CO2 monitoring and demand based ventilation control systems to ensure excellent indoor air quality. Non-toxic and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) substances, such as finishes, were also used to avoid indoor air pollution. Large windows and glazed façades maximize indoor day lighting for plant employees and visitors, and sunshades prevent glare from the sun. epididymitis doxycycline

More reliable heating and cooling efectos del zithromax

The plant has greater capacity to meet the present and future heating and cooling demands from the buildings it serves. The plant meets the long-term projected heating requirements and can be easily upgraded to meet the long-term cooling requirements by adding an additional electric chiller when required. The TES tank and the emergency on-site power generation facilities enable the plant to operate off-grid in the event of a disruption to the plant’s power supply.

Sustainable urban planning

The Central Utility Plant was constructed on the site of the old plant and did not impact upon greenfield land or natural habitats. The plant is situated in downtown Sacramento with good access to services, amenities and public transport. The plant has secure bicycle storage, and shower and locker facilities are available to staff in order to promote sustainable transportation.

Minimizing public noise disturbance

The plant is located in a built up urban area and noise disturbance has been minimized by selecting low-noise equipment and by soundproofing. Equipment that emits less than 85 dBA was selected and low-noise machinery includes super low sound cooling tower fan blades. The plant’s walls and ceilings are soundproofed and acoustic blankets were installed around particular machinery. Pipe and ventilation openings were also designed to minimize external noise emissions.

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Additional Info

  • Project Type: Water, Renovation
  • Location: USA
  • Green Aspects: Energy, Carbon, Local Impacts
  • Social Aspects: Human Resources, Corporate Community Involvement, Health & Safety
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