DGS Central Utility Plant, USA

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DGS Central Utility Plant, USA1 romanian online pharmacy

Economic Aspects

Construction employment

The construction workforce varied in size from 75 to 600 full-time construction employees and the majority of the team was from the Sacramento area. During the peak project workforce period between November 2008 and July 2009, the project paid approximately US$ 3.5 million dollars in monthly payroll into the local economy. indian brand names of viagra

DGS Central Utility Plant, USA-6Local construction materials and subcontractors

The project prioritized local construction materials and subcontractors and 35 percent of the work was contracted to local businesses, which amounted to US$ 62.7 million. Small and disadvantaged businesses were also prioritized, including companies that supplied the structural concrete, interior casework, landscaping, testing and some design services.

Locally manufactured or quarried products included the stone veneers, masonry products, concrete and aggregates, interior finishes, gypsum wall products, and reinforcing and light gauge steel materials. dapoxetine online pharmacy

Reduced energy costs and long-term financial savings

The plant uses 58 percent less energy than the old plant, which has significantly reduced operational costs for the DGS. The TES tank reduces cooling costs by avoiding cooling water during peak hours when electricity is more expensive. The tank also spreads the cooling load throughout the day, which avoids the need for additional chillers during peak periods. The initial investment for the new steam boiler plant is estimated to be repaid within 2 years due to the use of flue stack economizers and other energy enhancements, and the chilled water plant within 6 years due to significantly reduced energy consumption. ampicillin resistance plasmid

Additional Info

  • Project Type: Water, Renovation
  • Location: USA
  • Green Aspects: Energy, Carbon, Local Impacts
  • Social Aspects: Human Resources, Corporate Community Involvement, Health & Safety
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