Skanska & Carbon Footprinting in 2011


Skanska conducted 35 carbon footprints in 2011 to benchmark project carbon emissions and to help
identify low-carbon project options, which can result in project carbon and financial savings.


This document briefly describes how Skanska’s BUs work to measure and reduce project carbon emissions, and illustrates their work with relevant project examples. 10 of the 20 examples cited supported project carbon savings, for embodied and/or operational carbon. doxycycline disp 100 mg pch en paracetamol

Clients are increasingly demanding carbon footprinting services, which are fundamental components of Skanska’s Journey to Deep GreenTM and Color PaletteTM. zoloft dosage ocd

Skanska Business Units (BUs) use various techniques to calculate the carbon footprint of projects. In addition to local tools, Skanska has developed a Group-wide project carbon footprinting tool, as part of its Green Toolbox, to support project teams and BUs that do not have an established footprinting tool of their own.

In May 2012, the ENCORD (European Network of Construction Companies for Research and Development) Protocol was launched, to which Skanska was an important contributor. The Protocol aims to guide how construction sector actors can measure and report their greenhouse gas emissions. It sets out minimum good practice requirements for measuring and reporting emissions.

Carbon savings often correspond directly to financial savings through reduced energy and material use. Carbon-related financial savings are expected to increase in the future due to increasing energy prices and carbon tax rises in Skanska’s markets. Carbon measurement or footprinting is the first step toward identifying low-carbon project options that lead to potential savings opportunities. can you use topicals while on accutane


What is a project carbon footprint?
The carbon footprint of a project can be defined as the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions resulting from construction materials, construction activities, lifespan operation and eventual demolition. A carbon footprint can also be expressed in carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), which is a measure of how much global warming a given quantity of greenhouse gas may cause by using CO2 as a reference. CO2 is one of many greenhouse gases. The term “carbon” is commonly used when referring generically to either CO2 or CO2e emissions. nolvadex-d steroids

Preliminary vs Project carbon footprinting
A Preliminary carbon footprint is conducted at the design stage, whereas a Project carbon footprint is conducted during construction. The Preliminary Carbon Footprint is to serve as a baseline for the project whilst Project Carbon Footprint accounting is based on actual project information to validate the project’s performance.

Embodied vs Operational carbon
A carbon footprint can be divided into embodied carbon and operational carbon. Embodied carbon is the total emissions related to construction materials and construction activities, and operational carbon denotes the emissions associated with the heating, cooling and electrical consumption of a building during its operational lifespan. ampicillin tr 500 mg and alcohol

The scope of a project’s carbon footprint can differ depending on the objectives of the study, data limitations and the footprinting criteria used. Carbon related to operation and demolition may also be excluded when Skanska has limited involvement in these phases.

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Additional Info

  • Project Type: Commercial Property, Homes, Healthcare, Schools, Prisons, Utilities, Highways, Water
  • Location: Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK, Czech Republic, USA
  • Green Aspects: Energy, Materials, Water
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