Highways England - Area 2, UK

Highways England - Area 2, UK

Contributing Toward Sustainable Development

The four projects covered in this case study demonstrate how financial savings and environmental benefits can be realized through smart design, which typically involves redesigning projects to incorporate existing structures and materials, and by generally promoting the more efficient use of project resources.

Carbon footprints were conducted for all four projects, and carbon emissions on Willand, Piffs Elm and Solstice Park were reduced by around 23 percent, 85 percent and 37 percent respectively. Zero waste was sent to landfill on the Willand and Solstice Park projects, and the Gloucester Painswick and Piffs Elm projects diverted 97.6 and 99 percent of waste from landfill respectively. Zero potable water was used on the Willand project. All four projects aimed to minimize public highway disruption as much as possible. The Area 2 team implement high standards of health and safety, and no lost time accidents have occurred as of August 2015. The Area 2 projects make a significant contribution to the local economy, with over US$ 100 million spent on contractors and suppliers in 2014 alone. Skanska realized combined financial savings of over US$ 15 million on all four projects covered in this case study – primarily through smart design.

Additional Info

  • Project Type: Highways
  • Location: UK
  • Green Aspects: Carbon, Materials, Water, Local Impacts
  • Social Aspects: Corporate Community Involvement, Health & Safety
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