Highways England - Area 2, UK

Highways England - Area 2, UK zoloft dosage ocd

Green Aspects


Financial savings through reduced carbon
Carbon savings were realized on three of the four projects covered in this case study along with significant financial savings. Reduced project carbon footprints typically result in financial savings on civil engineering projects as reducing carbon emissions by using materials and project resources more efficiently also reduces financial costs. stopping zoloft after 6 weeks

Embodied carbon footprinting and carbon savings
A carbon footprint was conducted for the Willand resurfacing project, which calculated that construction materials resulted in over 70 percent of the project’s carbon footprint. The team reduced the project’s embodied carbon footprint by 23 percent by optimizing on site activities. Measures to reduce the carbon footprint included laying the asphalt in the summer at a more optimal temperature and optimizing the amount of asphalt laid per shift to reduce waste. Equipment and vehicles were stored close to the site rather than returning them to the depot each day, which reduced the number of shifts from 42 to 33. Truck movements were also planned to allow the continuous production of asphalt, rather than stop-start production that requires equipment re-heating, and a new ‘hot box’ technique was used to keep the equipment hot when batching asphalt to save energy.

Skanska’s Piffs Elm redesign allowed much of the bridge to be retained, which reduced the project’s carbon footprint by over 85 percent. Approximately 2,800 tCO2e was saved in total by avoiding the need for 1,115 m3 of concrete and 250 tons of steel, and by reducing waste. The project schedule was also reduced from 63 weeks to 54, with smaller workforce and equipment requirements.

The embodied carbon footprint for the Gloucester Painswick Bridge project amounted to 790.3 tCO2e, with materials accounting for over 85 percent of the footprint.

The carbon footprint for the Solstice Park project amounted to 297.4 tCO2e. Skanska’s redesign and use of GAR reduced the project’s carbon footprint by 37 percent. Savings were achieved by reducing the amount of quarried materials required for the project, as well as material transport emissions and waste removal. zoloft increased alcohol tolerance


Environmentally responsible materials
On the Willand resurfacing project, the asphalt contained 10 percent reused planings, which is the industry standard maximum recycled content for surface course. The project also used no hazardous materials on-site, including non-hazardous thermoplastic road marking paint, which Skanska uses throughout Area 2.

456 tons of recycled stone was used on the Piffs Elm project to create a temporary site access road. The stone was gathered and returned to the supplier for reuse following the project.

Waste management during construction
Zero construction waste was sent to landfill on the Willand resurfacing project. Planings and leftover asphalt were returned to the site quarry and used in the production of new asphalt. Metal road studs were collected for recycling.

The Gloucester Painswick Bridge project diverted 97.6 percent of construction waste from landfill.

99 percent of construction waste was diverted from landfill on the Piffs Elm project. 4,659 tons of soil and rock was recovered and reused off site on other projects, including 44 tons of Cotswold stone. single dose diflucan

Zero construction waste was sent to landfill on the Solstice Park project. Asphalt was reused off site and the amount of asphalt removed from the site was reduced by 25 percent by the use of GAR. The redesign also avoided the need to install temporary contraflow and crossover lanes, which would have involved the creation of approximately 300 tons of soil and stone waste. cheap generic viagra from india


Water efficiency

The Willand project used zero potable water by sourcing non-potable groundwater from a nearby disused quarry. Water was required during the laying of the new road surface, and approximately 42 m3 of potable water was saved in total.

Other Green Aspects

Minimizing environmental impacts
Two saltwater treatment systems are planned for installation at two of the Area 2 depots. The systems will clean and filter washdown runoff, which was previously transported away for disposal. The systems will use reverse osmosis to produce clean water and brine that will both be collected and used for different operations at the depots.

Skanska has installed photovoltaic solar panels on one of the Area 2 depots. The panels generate around 80 percent of the depots total electricity use. The installation is part of work with the client to identify efficiency, energy and sustainability improvements to the Area 2 buildings. diflucan rash skin

Promoting biodiversity
The Area 2 team plans projects with biodiversity in mind and strives to limit local impact on natural habitats. For example, extensive surveys are conducted to identify protected species and work is carried out from hard shoulders rather than impacting on adjacent grass verges.

At Piffs Elm, cleared areas were reseeded with a wildflower mix to promote biodiversity. The depth of added topsoil was also reduced as lower soil fertility favors flowering plants rather than grasses.

Highways England - Area 2, UK doxycycline monohydrate for urinary tract infection

Additional Info

  • Project Type: Highways
  • Location: UK
  • Green Aspects: Carbon, Materials, Water, Local Impacts
  • Social Aspects: Corporate Community Involvement, Health & Safety
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Contact: Per Olsson, Senior Vice President Green & CCI. per.olsson@skanska.se

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