Highways England - Area 2, UK

Economic Impacts

Regional economic benefit
The Area 2 projects make a significant contribution to the local economy, with over US$ 100 million spent on contractors and suppliers in 2014 alone. The majority of the contractors and project personnel live locally (based on commuter survey data).

Efficiency financial savings
Combined financial savings of over US$ 15 million were realized on the four projects highlighted in this case study, which equates to approximately 40 percent of the original estimated project costs. online pharmacy legit

These financial savings were largely achieved through Skanska’s smart redesign of the projects, which typically involved incorporating existing structures and materials, and generally promoting the more efficient use of project resources. diflucan taken twice

Skanska’s redesign of the Willand resurfacing project reduced costs for the client by around 50 percent, or approximately US$ 3.4 million. The number of shifts was also reduced from 42 to 33 by storing equipment and vehicles on the site.

Skanska completed the Gloucester Painswick Bridge project three months early, which saved US$ 850,000.

Skanska’s redesign of the Piffs Elm Bridge reduced costs by over 60 percent and saved over US$ 10.5 million for the client by retaining much of the existing bridge.

By using a GAR solution on the Solstice Park resurfacing project, Skanska was able to combine the works with an adjacent project, which saved approximately US$ 1.1 million compared with the initial target cost for the two projects.

The depot saltwater treatment systems will have a payback of less than 4 years compared with tanker and off-site disposal costs. can you use topicals while on accutane

Additional Info

  • Project Type: Highways
  • Location: UK zoloft dosage ocd
  • Green Aspects: Carbon, Materials, Water, Local Impacts
  • Social Aspects: Corporate Community Involvement, Health & Safety
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