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Corso Court, Czech Republic

Corso Court, Czech Republic - Area 2, UK

Social Aspects

Community investment
Corso Court is closely linked to the community, through its garden and employee volunteering activities in the local community. Skanska Czech Republic provides all their employees with two volunteer days each year where they are able to volunteer for a local charity. Skanska will promote this further by working in partnership with its Corso Court employees and local charities to encourage greater action in the local community. trusted online pharmacy modafinil

Occupational health and safety
Corso Court, Czech Republic - Area 2, UKOne accident occurred on site and the Lost Time Accident Rate was 0.09 per million hours worked. Following the incident, all work on site was immediately stopped, safety procedures were reassessed and the site team was retrained in specific areas.

Innovative safety measures included a new ladder permit system that was implemented on the project, which helped Skanska to control ladders on site in order to promote their safe use. A face recognition site entry/exit system was installed to carefully control site teams, which also provided an accurate list of personnel on site in the event of an emergency. Safety was discussed at all meetings and feedback was requested from all visitors to promote learning. ‘Voice’ meetings, involving both the site management team and the site labor team, were also conduced to give the entire team the opportunity to raise any health, safety or environmental concerns.

Healthy working environments
Corso Court is designed to promote healthy working environments for building occupants. The fresh air ventilation system supplies 45 percent more ventilation than standard systems in the Czech republic, and low-emitting substances were used to promote healthy indoor air quality. Carbon dioxide sensors have been installed in all densely occupied spaces, including meeting rooms and the restaurant area, to ensure they are adequately ventilated. The ventilation system uses chilled beams that distribute air evenly and are hygienic, as they do not allow moisture, dust and dirt to collect on the ventilation coil.

The interior has a light and spacious feel with glazed façades that optimize indoor natural daylighting and external views, and the glazed atrium allows natural light to penetrate the building. The outdoor garden is designed to accommodate both outdoor working and relaxing, with outdoor power sockets, free Wi-Fi connectivity, and various types of seating and chess tables. The two ground floor terraces, large balconies and atrium also provide pleasant working environments for tenants.

Functional and flexible office design
through flexible design by being able to accommodate the needs of current and future tenants. The office floors can be easily modified to accommodate single or up to four tenants, each with their own entrance. Corso Court is designed to minimize structural columns to allow more open space and greater flexibility in space usage. In addition, the garden is designed to accommodate various uses and events. ampicillin tr 500 mg and alcohol

Activity-based workplace (ABW) environment
Corso Court has adopted an ABW environment, which offers a wide range of workspaces, from quiet concentration rooms to stimulating social spaces, and allows employees to choose the workspace that best supports their immediate needs and personal preferences. Corso Court was influenced by Skanska’s headquarters, Entré Lindhagen in Stockholm, which has been an ABW model for other Skanska offices.

Contributing toward sustainable urban development
Prior to the project, the site had been a disused former-industrial brownfield site for many years. The project therefore reused a previously developed and underused site in central Prague. doxycycline disp 100 mg pch en paracetamol

During construction, the team removed petrochemical contamination and carried out archaeological surveys on buried brick foundries. Corso Court is situated in the heart of the Karlín business district, with good access to services and amenities. There is a restaurant and retail space on the ground floor, and the public garden provides a valuable park space for the local community in a neighborhood with few urban green spaces.

Promoting more sustainable modes of transport
Corso Court has 40 bike racks, and changing and showering facilities to encourage tenants to cycle to work. A bicycle sharing scheme and an electric car sharing rental service are available to tenants, both of which are located on the premises. Corso Court is a 2-minute walk from a Prague metro station and a 5-minute walk from two tram stops. The parking garage has 16 spaces for low-emitting and fuelefficient vehicles.

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