Veitvet School, Norway

Veitvet School, Norway

Social Aspects

Project team cooperation
Skanska’s long-term project involvement and cooperation with project partners promoted the incorporation of highly efficient solutions in terms of energy, materials and embodied carbon emissions to minimize environmental impact and lifecycle costs. This long-term approach and cooperation also ensured that a good balance between the building’s energy performance and indoor environment for building occupants was achieved.

Minimizing school disruption
Skanska managed a blog during construction to keep public stakeholders updated on potentially disruptive activities on site. The new school was constructed adjacent to the existing school and noisy site activities, working times and site deliveries were timed to minimize disruption to the daily school activities. Skanska purposely completed and handed over the clubhouse building several months before the new school was completed to provide the existing school with immediate additional space.

School for community benefit
Besides its primary function as a school, the Veitvet School’s facilities are available for community events and sporting activities out of school hours. Skanska worked together with the municipality and local residents during the design phase to promote community use. There has been great interest from various community groups that want to use the school’s facilities, and the school is an important community asset and meeting place. can taking metformin help me lose weight

Health and safety
There were zero lost time accidents or injuries on site during construction. The team followed Skanska’s standard safety procedures and strived to encourage tidiness on site to promote safety.

Skanska established continuous dialogue with the school and worked to discourage children from trespassing on the construction site. Meetings and discussions were held to raise awareness of the safety risks on the construction site, such as by demonstrating the limited view machine operators can have.

Health indoor environments
The project was designed to promote healthy environments for students and teachers. Low-emitting materials have been used throughout the building and the modern demand control ventilation system ensures good indoor air quality. The school has a new type of window with angled window frames to direct more natural light into the building. Internal glass partitions allow natural light to penetrate deep into the building and the multi-purpose hall has skylights to maximize daylight. The school has also been designed to connect with the surrounding green spaces in the grounds and outdoor areas that classrooms can open up onto to promote outdoor teaching opportunities. The team collaborated with artists early in the design process to integrate art into the school’s design. prednisone 5 mg canine

High quality and flexible school
The Veitvet School is a modern school with high quality teaching facilities that are designed to accommodate various uses. Skanska’s experience of building schools shows that high quality schools and teaching facilities tend to attract high quality teaching staff and can ultimately improve student school grades.

The school consists of three separate buildings located around a central square, each for a specific age group to break down the scale of the school and make it more manageable for staff. All three buildings have their own entrances and outdoor areas, which provide various teaching opportunities. Each building can also be opened or closed as necessary to accommodate particular community activities and uses, along with the multi-purpose hall. can you use topicals while on accutane

Veitvet School, Norway

Contributing toward sustainable urban development
The project redeveloped an existing urban site in Oslo by building the new school adjacent to the old school, which was demolished once the new school was operational.

Promoting more sustainable modes of transport
The school has 132 undercover well-lit bicycle parking spaces, and changing and shower facilities, to promote staff and students to cycle to the school and reduce car usage. The project also upgraded cycle paths and footpaths and a new express cycle lane has been created for faster cyclists. In addition, site parking spaces have purposely been restricted to discourage car use, although prioritized parking is available for electric vehicles, which can be charged by the school’s photovoltaic system. Veitvet School has good access to public transport, including a 5-minute walk from an Oslo subway station.

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Contact: Per Olsson, Senior Vice President Green & CCI.

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