101 Seaport, USA

seaport School, Norway

Social Aspects

Project partner cooperation
All project partners were involved in the LEED certification process, which was used to guide the project, from concept development and design to construction. The LEED credits were allocated to specific project partners and regular LEED meetings were held throughout the project to update the certification progress and advise on issues and opportunities. Close project partner cooperation was vital in finding good practice solutions for the rain harvesting, green roofing and the building envelope, which was challenging due to the extent of glass façade and the project’s energy efficiency targets. trusted online pharmacy modafinil

Community investment
The team was involved in various community investment projects, including clothing and food drives and neighborhood clean-up projects. Specific projects that Skanska supported included a local women’s shelter, which was provided with financial donations and volunteers to prepare and serve meals. The team also made financial and material donations to the Mass Fallen Heroes organization, which supports the families of fallen service men and women.

Occupational health and safety
There were five lost time accidents during construction and the Lost Time Accident Rate per million hours worked was 3.28. The team strived to establish and maintain Skanska’s Injury Free Environment® (IFE®) culture, which promotes a work environment intolerant of injuries and incidents and goes beyond standard safety practice in the USA. IFE practices included Skanskaled Stretch-and-Flex every morning, pre-task planning, a robust Safety Recognition Program, the establishment of a Project Safety Leadership Team comprising of craft workers and Skanska personnel, and Skanska Safety Week programs.

In addition, the team established a management level Safety Council that comprised of subcontractor principals and senior Skanska management that met monthly to assess the safety conditions and culture on the project. Pre-task planning enhancement training was held for foremen along with multiple weekly evaluations to continually assess site conditions. Stairs were erected early during construction to allow workers to safely move from between floors during construction without having to use ladders.

Healthy working environments
The building features 3 m high floor-to-ceiling glazing that optimizes natural light and views of the Boston Harbor and skyline. Interior glass partition walls also allow natural light to penetrate the building. The HVAC system supplies 30 percent more outdoor air ventilation compared with the US building code requirements. Chilled beams and perimeter radiant heating provide greater thermal comfort and fewer drafts than conventional HVAC systems.

Flexible and long lige office building
101 Seaport is designed to be flexible in order to meet the needs of current and future occupants and promote a long useful lifespan. Office floors are virtually column free to allow open planned office space and a variety of office working environments. Each floor can also accommodate single tenants or up to three separate tenants, each with their own entrance. ampicillin tr 500 mg and alcohol

Contributing toward sustainable urban development
The site was previously a reclaimed wetland site that was used as a surface car park until 101 Seaport was developed. The project has created a thriving mixed-use city block, which complements the wider Seaport Square development that consists of space to live, work and play close to Boston Harbor.

A 1,400 m2 tree-lined public open space has been created at the building’s base with a 20 m wide pedestrian retail promenade. 101 Seaport is also situated in downtown Boston with access to a variety of services and amenities. doxycycline disp 100 mg pch en paracetamol

Promoting more sustainable modes of transport
101 Seaport has 191 secure indoor bicycle racks and 14 showers that are available to cyclists. In addition, the underground parking garage has electric vehicle charging stations. 101 Seaport is adjacent to a Silver Line subway station and a short walk from the Red subway line and Boston’s Commuter Line that serves South Station. The wider Seaport Square is being designed to create a walkable mixed-use district with pedestrian promenades that reduce the need to drive vehicles.

seaport School, Norway

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