101 Seaport, USA

seaport School, Norway

Economic Impacts

Regional construction workforce and materials
Around 2,050 people worked on the construction of 101 Seaport, with 350 people working on site during the peak of construction. The project was predominately completed by contractors from the Boston area, including local companies executing excavation, pile driving, concrete, steel erecting, electrical, mechanical and plumbing.

Boston Resident Jobs Program (BRJP)
The project was required to promote the employment of Boston residents, minority groups and women as part of the BRJP. On the 101 Seaport project, 28.4 percent of workers were Boston residents, 21.7 percent were from minority groups and 3.3 percent were women. All subcontractors attended pre-mobilization meetings with Skanska and BRJP staff to review the program in detail and the expectations of the Boston Employment Commission and Skanska. Subcontractors submitted weekly reports to the BRJP and progress was monitored throughout the project, with BRJP support to improve local, minority and female worker participation as necessary.

Efficiency financial savings
101 Seaport is estimated to make financial savings of 34 percent compared with a typical newly build commercial building in the USA.

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Contact: Per Olsson, Senior Vice President Green & CCI. per.olsson@skanska.se

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