Skanska is committed to building and upgrading utilities in power and water to maintain a more sustainable civil infrastructure for our expanding cities.

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Sjisjka & Mullbergs Wind Parks, Sweden

Sjisjka & Mullbergs Wind Parks in northern and central Sweden are two of the largest on-shore wind parks in the country, which together annually generate approximately 450 GWh and were designed to minimize environmental impacts in terms of carbon, materials, water and local impacts.

Surrey Street Lighting PFI, UK, green building case study

The Surrey Street Lighting PFI (Private Finance Initiative) involves modernizing the County of Surrey’s entire street lighting system to provide higher quality and more efficient street lighting over a 25-year period.

Carbon Footprinting in Construction examples from Finland, Norway, Sweden, UK and US-1

Skanska uses carbon footprinting tools to benchmark the carbon emissions of building projects and to help identify low-carbon project options.

El Totoral, Chile-1

Skanska Latin America (LA) constructed the El Totoral Wind Farm, which was the largest in Chile on completion, with the intention of maximising local socio-economic benefit whilst minimising environmental impacts.

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North London Gas Alliance, UK-1

The North London Gas Alliance (NLGA) is a gas mains replacement project that has used several innovative techniques to minimise environmental impacts and employed comprehensive stakeholder relations measures to reduce social disturbance. zoloft dosage ocd

REPAR Propylene Plant, Brazil

Skanska constructed a new propylene plant at an established refinery near Curitiba in southern Brazil and implemented a comprehensive sustainability programme to promote occupational health and safety, workforce engagement and environmental management.

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Cerro Verde, Peru

As part of the expansion of the Cerro Verde copper mine in southern Peru, Skanska LA maintained high standards of safety, socio-economic and environmental considerations throughout the project.

A section of the Urucu-Manaus gas pipeline in Brazil was constructed by a Skanska consortium, which worked to minimize the project’s negative impacts in a socially and environmentally sensitive area of Amazon rainforest.

Knezice Biogas Power Plant, Czech Republic

Knezice biogas power plant in the town of the same name, 70 km east of Prague, produces renewable energy from biodegradable waste, and has solved municipal waste management problems, promoted local energy self-sufficiency, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and provided residents with cheaper energy.

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