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The act of reusing and repurposing previously discarded resources results in new products. An important part of this approach is the use of waste products to generate renewable energy. Whether a material can be recycled dependent on its capacity to restore its original qualities. You can conserve resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using this alternative to “traditional garbage disposal.” It can also reduce the need for fresh raw materials, as well as reduce energy use, air quality (from incineration), and water pollution, all while preventing the waste for potentially useful products (from landfilling).

Many different types of glass, paper, carton, metal, plastic, tyres, textiles, batteries, & electronics are recyclable. Another way to recycle biodegradable garbage is to compost it or reuse it in other ways. There are two ways to dispose of recyclables: either by delivering them to a recycling facility or having them picked up from your curbside bins.